Benefits of Dog Daycare for Your Dogs

Sparta Pet Palazzo

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Do dogs really benefits being in dog day care? 

This is the question that many dog owners ask themselves and want to know before they are open to putting their dogs in day care. The majority of times, the answer is yes. We say this because there are certain dogs that don’t like to be sociable and prefer to stay in their own environment such as staying at home. For dogs that are not sociable, there are solutions for them to get attention, exercise, love and care while mommy and daddy are working long hours or are away. That solution is to get a pet sitterthat is professionally trained, bonded and insured. Always make sure that they are bonded and insured  so that you, the dog owner has peace of mind.

For dogs that are sociable, dog day care services can be a great solution and benefit for your dogs. This is because your dogs will be in an environment where they can just be dogs. Meaning, they will not be in a leash, they will not be in a crate, they will not be in a small space where they can’t run freely, they can’t play, they can’t do as much activity.

In Plano, TX, Sparta Pet Palazzo offers dog owners a facility with over 35,000 sqft facility of indoor and outdoor space for dogs to play, socialize, have fun and exercise. It is very important that when you decide to put your doggies in day care that you know that the dog day care facility has an outdoor space. This is because it continues to teach your dogs about having their potty breaks outside and not inside. We have talked to dog owners who tell us that due to their dogs going into a facility with no outdoor space, it has taught their dog to pee and poop inside the house. This is why you always want to make sure that you put your doggies in a dog day care that offers an outdoor space that is not just to run, but also to continue teaching your dogs that when they need to have a potty break that it needs to be outside.

Sparta Pet Palazzo offers dog day care services to dog owners who live in the North Dallas, TX area. Although Sparta Pet Palazzo is located in Plano, many dog owners from areas such as Addison, Allen, Carrollton, Dallas, Frisco, Highland Park, Mckinney, Murphy, Melissa, Park Cities, Plano, Richardson, Wylie and other areas in North Dallas bring their dogs to Sparta Pet Palazzo because of the following reasons:

  • Most importantly, dogs get lots and lots of attention, love and care all day long. They get lots of loving, belly rubs, pats, great care and an environment where they are safe to just be dogs and play all day.;
  • Sparta Pet Palazzo provides over 35,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor area for dogs to play all day long. Many dogs when coming to Sparta Pet Palazzo dog day care services are always showing signs of excitement because they know they will enjoy the space for them to play, run, socialize with other dogs, have lots of fun, receive love, care and attention from Sparta Pet Palazzo’s staff, they are off their leashes, the outdoor play area alone is over 25,000 square feet with professional pet grass turf.
  • Sparta Pet Palazzo’s staff are amazing people who love and care deeply about animals. Some of the staff at Sparta Pet Palazzo have backgrounds as veterinary technicians, pet sitters/animal care specialist and other skills in working with animals. The team at Sparta Pet Palazzo receives the proper training to continue learning and be able to offer professional and quality pet care.
  • A clean environment for dogs to play all day long is one of our priorities. Sparta Pet Palazzo has a strict cleaning policy and we make sure that all areas whether inside or outside is always clean and smelling fresh.  Any time a dog poops or pees it is cleaned immediately as well as the floors are constantly being cleaned to provide a clean and fresh smelling dog day care environment.
  • Sparta Pet Palazzo provides customers with a FREE online account where they can set up their pets information, schedule services and pay invoices. If you are looking to be a new customer, CLICK HERE to open your free online account and book services right away. Our online account software makes it easy and very convenient for our customers to book services online anytime, 24/7 from their cell phone, tablet or computer.
  • Dog safety at Sparta Pet Palazzo is another of our priorities. We make sure to provide an environment for dogs to play safely and being able to enjoy all time spent at Sparta Pet Palazzo a great experience. Sparta Pet Palazzo facility also provides areas where rooms and suites are temperature control. Our outdoor of over 25,000 square feet area provides dogs to play outside. However, if there is bad weather outside such as raining, snowing or its really hot, dogs have play care rooms where they can play in a cool dry environment where it is spacious and clean.

Who is Sparta Pet Palazzo?

Sparta Pet Palazzo – Provides pet boarding for both dogs, cats and dog daycare services to pet owners in Allen, Carrollton, Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Richardson, Rockwall and other areas of North Dallas, TX. Sparta Pet Palazzo provides a fun and safe environment for dogs and cats to socialize, play and have fun. It also is a great convenience for pet owners that travel a lot or work long hours and would like to leave their pets in a place that they know will provide quality and professional care for their dogs and cats.

Schedule Services Conveniently Online – Sparta Pet Palazzo provides convenience for pet owners with our online pet boarding and dog daycare software that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or cell phone. Our customers can register to open a FREE online account (Click here to open a free account)or current customers can log in to their account to request services anytime online (Click here to log into your account). If you are on the go, if its late at night or not wanting to make a phone call, schedule boarding or daycare services from your cell phone, computer or tablet anytime and any day.

Dog & Cat Boarding – Sparta Pet Palazzo has a total space of more than 35,000 SQFT. This includes an indoor pet hotel or pet boarding space of more than 10,000 SQFT. Our Pet Hotel or Pet Boarding is a great service for pet owners that don’t want to leave their pets home alone. Dogs and cats stay in big and spacious pet hotel rooms that allows pets to enjoy their stay with no stress. Dogs also enjoy staying at Sparta Pet Palazzo because they get to socialize, exercise, play and have fun while mommy and daddy are away on vacation in our dog day care program where its all about fun and play at no additional cost. Our pet hotel or pet boarding services are provided 7 days per week and you can pick up or drop off your pets at anytime within Sparta Pet Palazzo’s hours of operation.

Our Pet Boarding prices are the following as of 07/16/2016:

  • 1 Dog – $39 dollars per night. Additional dogs are $25 dollars each per night
  • 1 Cat – $25 dollars per night. Additional Cats are $17.00 each per night

Dog Daycare – Sparta Pet Palazzo provides an outside dog day care area with over 25,000 SQFT of play area for dogs of all sizes. Imagine a place where your dogs are off from their leashes, are exercising, running, playing, socializing, having fun and being well taken care of while you are on vacation or working long hours. Sparta Pet Palazzo includes at no additional cost our daycare services to all dogs that stay overnight using our pet hotel or pet boarding services. Pet owners can request half day or full day dog day care services. Sparta Pet Palazzo also provides day care packages which include 10 days, 20 days and unlimited day care packages for dog owners who work long hours and would like to leave their dogs at Sparta Pet Palazzo playing and having fun all day. Our Dog daycare services are provided Mondays through Fridays  between the hours of 7am and 6:30pm. On Saturdays, hours are between 9am and 5pm.

Our Dog Day Care prices as of 07/16/2016 are the following and are offered Mondays through Saturdays:

  • 1 Hour (Great for dog owners who go to the gym next door): $10 for 1 dog. Extra dogs $5.00 each.
  • Half Day (5 Hrs): $16 for 1 dog. Extra dogs $10.00 each.
  • 1 Full Day: $24 for 1 dog. Extra dogs $17.00 each.

Full Day Packages:

  • 10 Full Day Package: $200 or $20/Day for 1 dog. Extra dogs $14.00 each/day
  • 20 Full Day Package: $360 or $18/Day for 1 dog. Extra Dogs $14.00 each/day
  • 30 Full Day Package: $480 or $16/Day for 1 dog. Extra Dogs $14.00 each/day

Other Services Provided by Sparta – We also provide many other services and products for pet owners. These services include our award winning Pet Sitting and Dog walking services. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services (Services currently provided in Plano, TX area only), Dog baths and pet taxi. Our dog baths provide pet owners in North Dallas with great convenience and saving them time. Our pet taxi services is great for the pet owners who would like for us to pick up their dog or cat and bring them to Sparta Pet Palazzo for our boarding and daycare services.