Dog Grooming

Professional Dog Grooming In Plano, TX

At Sparta Pet Palazzo our professional dog groomers provide services for all breeds and can address all of your furry friend's grooming needs. Professional grooming keeps your pup happy and healthy, and you can always count on our expert groomer to provide exceptional care using high-quality products.

Our Full Grooms include a bath, blow-dry, brush out, nail grind, plus the cut and style of your choosing.

Our Face, Feet, Sanitary Package “FFS” include trimming around the face, cleaning up the paw pads, and trimming up the unmentionables, along with nail grind, bath, blow-dry, and brush out.

Our Bath and Brush include a thorough wash tailored to your pet’s needs, blow-dry, brush out, and nail grind.

Our groomers will work with you to not just meet but exceed your expectations

*Anal gland expression performed upon request at no extra cost to you!

Before requesting grooming services, CLICK HERE to read our dog grooming Terms and Conditions.

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Grooming Services/Rates

Full Grooming

All rates are based on the weight of your dogs. Full Grooming includes bath, blow dry, brushing/trimming, ear cleaning & hair removal, sanitary trim, anal gland expression, nail clipping.

Face, Feet, Sanitary

Includes hair trimming around the face, cleaning feet, nail clipping, bath


Includes bath and brush

Extra Services/ Add on services

  • Nail Clipping
  • Teethbrushing
  • Nail Grind
  • Nail Grind with Full Groom
  • De-shedding treatment
  • Dematting (Brush out)
  • Upgraded Shampoo and conditioner

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Pet Taxi/Concierge in Plano, TX

  • Pet Transportation to and from our Sparta Pet Palazzo facility.
  • We use Google maps to estimate distance and calculate pricing from Sparta Pet Palazzo's address at 910 W Parker Rd Ste 103, Plano, TX 75075. Call us for specific pricing
  • Pet Taxi/Concierge available for Dogs and Cats only.
Sparta Pet Palazzo Pet Taxi